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Campsite on the Emerald Coast in Brittany

Come and discover our magnificent Emerald Coast!

Visit the towns of Dinard (the most chic), Saint-Malo (the most fortified), Dinan (the most historic).

Take a moment to taste oysters on the port of Cancale



Tourist city

Saint-Malo and its Corsair city

The most visited city in Brittany is rich in history.

A true fortress, founded in the 12th century, Saint Malo, the most visited city in Brittany, is rich in history...

Great men such as the explorer Jacques Cartier, the privateers Duguay-Trouin, Surcouf, and the writer Chateaubriand, have left their mark in this city of character.

Facing the sea, Saint-Malo offers you a unique panorama. Stroll along the large Sillon beach, on the ramparts, in the old town and its shopping streets.

Saint-Malo remains an important commercial, fishing and pleasure port. Several cruises will be offered to you both in Corsair Bay, towards the Chausey Islands, towards Cap Fréhel.

Don't leave the city without visiting the Grand Aquarium, home to more than 10,000 fish.

Also worth seeing is the Rance dam, the only tidal power plant in the world.


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